March 25th, 2008



I do not like the sunshine,
I'm dampened by the rain,
I think that clouds are ugly,
and snowflakes are a pain.
The stars are unattractive,
I shudder at the moon,
I'm burdened by a butterfly,
I blanch at a balloon.
Bananas are annoying,
I fail to stomach cheese,
I disapprove of flowers,
I tolerate no trees.
Tomatoes are vexatious,
I'm pestered by a plum,
I find a frog offensive,
gorillas make me glum.
I countenance no mountain,
I'm sickened by the sea,
and I don't care the slightest
if you don't care for me.

I disapprove of flowers, - и всё такое прочее...
Моему ревьюеру в Шаттерстоке посвятил Jack Prelutsky эти строчки.

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