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New Zealanders pose reading “New Zealanders at the Front” on a captured anti-tank gun, near the Menin Road, 20 Nov 1917. Alexander Turnbull Library. The Battle of the Menin Road Ridge, sometimes called Battle of the Menin Road, was the third British general attack of the Third Battle of Ypres in the First World War. The battle took place 20–25 September 1917, in the Ypres Salient in Flanders on the Western Front


Jean-François Jonvelle ‘La Bicyclette’


Jessica Kinnaman, Akhmedova Ballet Academy. © Vihao Pham. Kinnaman was the October 2013 Viewers’ Choice Winner. “Hi, I am Jessica Kinnaman, age 14 from Charles Town, WV…I am currently a student in the Professional Training Program at the Akhmedova Ballet Academy (ABA)…ABA has a unique training program that allows me to get the strict Vaganova training I need along with the personalized, close attention from Mme. Akhmedova”

Anna Selezneva as ballet instructor in Lady In Red by Patrick Demarchelier. For Vogue Russia, October 2012. Selezneva portrays one of Russia’s infamously strict ballet teachers, sternly pacing around a class of young ballerinas. There is no warmth in this crimson queen – the blonde beauty doesn’t crack a smile throughout the entire shoot. Despite her spot-on iciness, Selezneva sizzles in each classic red piece she models

Jurgita Dronina (Dutch National Ballet) in David Dawson’s Overture. Photo by Angela Sterling. In Overture, Dawson’s latest work for Dutch National Ballet, 12 dancers in splashes of neon-bright pink, orange and electric green played under drifting rectangles of white light, arabesques arched high, every extension stretched beyond the strictly classical. This is Frederick Ashton’s famous catchword “bend”, taken to new extremes

Alison McWhinney in Giselle. English National Ballet Emerging Dancer Competition, March 2013. Photo by Foteini Christofilopoulou. McWhinney’s dress fluttered as she glided elegantly from one glissade to another, plumes of taffeta rising as she did so. Her slow and delicate arm movements added to the lilting atmosphere. A memorable image was Nathan Young spinning McWhinney round with ease as her body and arms hung like a rag doll and her leg was extended in the air

Yulia Manjeles in Requiem, Boris Eifman Ballet. © Irina Tuminene. An ambitious and exciting production set to the powerful and evocative music of Mozart’s Requiem, this bold, provocative dance work explores the relationship between Man and Death, Death’s presence in the world and its inescapable power

Elizaveta Cheprasova as Paquita in Paquita Pas Grand Pas Classique. Music by Ludwig Minkus, choreography by Marius Petipa. Savcor Ballet Festival in Mikkeli, Finland. Photograph by Jack Devant. Very special authentic atmosphere of the medieval castle fits perfectly to the art of ballet emphasizing by that delicacy and elegance of dance. You simply immerse yourself in atmosphere of old legends and high feelings…

Miki Orihara costumed for Martha Graham’s Errand into the Maze. Photo: John Deane. Without the set piece to barricade herself into and release herself from in the end, Orihara must show us that, in conquering her fear, she has freed herself to go on with her life. That she is able, with amazing simplicity, to manage this is a testament to her tremendous gifts


David Hamilton - Jeune femme au chapeau, 1975

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