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Dec. 17th, 2014

01:24 pm

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Tolstoi contando uma história aos netos, 1909

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Julie Ege test shots for “Up Pompeii” Ege is shown sitting in cloth folding chair with her name on it, in various positions designed to hide her breasts as unsuccessfully as possible. Ege, an actress and model, is best known for this film, where she plays Voluptua, a Roman ruler. Additionally, she starred in Peter Yates’ 1967 thriller “Robbery,” two notable Hammer films, “Creatures the World Forgot” and “The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires,” and as a Bond girl in “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.” She was also Miss Norway, a Miss Universe contestant, and a Penthouse Pet of the Month

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Elvis Presley photographed by Alfred Wertheimer

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Barbara Moffett 1942

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Naomi Watts by Michael White

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Diana Rigg / production still from The Avengers, season 4, episode 21, “A Touch of Brimstone” (first broadcast February 9, 1966)

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Marlene Dietrich wore suits better than most men

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ann margret

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